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The Lutheran and other Religious Leaders 08 31 2010

The Lutheran and other Religious Leaders 08 31 2010

I was demonized by a pair of Lutheran Ministers yesterday as I was trying to type in a story about nature.
Martin Luther preached from the Bible.  But the Bible can only define him as the Devil.  The Devil is said to read men’s minds.  The mark of the Devil is said to be sodomy.
Why do we give tax exempt status to organized religions in this country when they cause more suffering and costs to our country than anything else?  They demonize members of the country that are not even part of their religion.
The principal tenet of the Lutheran Religion is that you can do anything you want in life as long as when you die you ask to be saved.  What would you say to God at this point forgive me lord because I acted like an animal and not a human being.  What do you think you will then be in your next life?  You will not be resurrected in the form of a human being, but in the form of an animal you sought to be.
The religion actually promotes the complete lack of consciousness for your actions.  Having a conscious is one of the traits that separates human beings from animals.
So here we have a religion that believes and promotes the idea that a human being in reality is no better than an animal.  A religion that constantly forgives without pentanence, reflection on how one could have done things better.  There is the total lack of any sorrow for the evil that its members do in this world.
A religion whose priests preach from the Bible and they themselves are defined by the Bible as the Devil.
Was the initial purpose of some religions’ to form a click that indemnifies business and individuals for lack of good behavior?  A business that promotes bad people and gives others a hell fire speech for something trivial?  A pseudo means to control those that you do not care for, for the benefit of you and your own group’s personal gain?

Why do we give a tax exempt status to a religion that does more harm than it ever does good?  Why do we give a tax exempt status to a religion that promotes sickness and crime?
The reality I speak of is one ninety percent of the population would not be aware of.  But if you were a victimized by them as I am you would see that they do not belong in this world.
The Bible states that even your family will be turned against you but if you believe in me, Jesus Christ, you will be saved.  This is Gods way of telling you that what you are experiencing is so foreign to those considered normal that even they will not believe you.  I am speaking of having your soul stolen and being labeled something lesser in society, mentally ill.
I would like to see religion stand for what it is the promotion of good behavior.  That is not what it is today.  It is used to leverage business, political parties, and steal souls of the intelligent.  It is a fa├žade all of these hide behind and use in defense and accusation.
After two hours of having two tag teams of Lutheran ministers interrupt and drive me out of my mind while trying to type in a beautiful story about nature that I wrote, I finally took a sense of pity regarding them.  Like crows circling and menacing with a great eagle they were.  A sense of sadness came over me for the evil sickness and weakness that they were.  I realized they could not control what they were and saw them as the ones who suffered for being something of a lesser race of human beings.  Something that was trying to learn to be what I am.
Sadness came over me, at which time the two ministers got up and walked outside to leave.  From outside the one just looked me straight in the eye through the clear view of the window as I did him.  He saw how I pitied him for what he was and I realized that was what he was seeking to accomplish.  An understanding from me that he deserved mercy and my sorrow for him.
In my life I have always had the policy of not making friends with those who bully you.  The reason for this is because how much do you think of yourself if you give in to those that seek to hurt you.  If you give in to people like these will they not seek to hurt you more?
I will send this article to him and ask for a response that is absent of rhetoric to what he thinks of his behavior and what I have to say about it.  Needless to say after they left my typing went faster.   My typing is superfast right now.
I believe this religion defeats the potential and good of people by labeling them and human beings as something that really has no control for their actions anyway.
And I was glad to see that part of the Lutheran religion has broken with the rest over allowing gays to be ministers.  The reason why this should be is very apparent to me.
If you read this be thankful that you aren’t something less of race or indeed an incarnation of Satan.  A being that has little cognitive ability and whose life centers only around evil sexual gratification.  These people cannot resist temptation to be something less than what their potential in the image of God is.  Be thankful you are not something that cannot help itself for doing evil.  Be thankful you are not a lesser male that can read men’s minds.  A more correct alternative phrasing would be, “Be thankful that you are not subject to the will of the minds of human beings that are indeed men.  Be thankful that you do not have to practice such witchcraft to fill the void of your soul.”  These people have a deficit of cognitive function and their verbal ability and thinking is dependent on those they have victimized.  They are dependent on those whose souls they stole.
You’re not going to like this next statement but sodomizing gay males are not men.  I am not a homophobic.  I talk to and treat all people, and I will define people as those who were created with the form of man to walk on two legs, with respect and dignity.  And this might seem to contradiction to what I have written before but it is not.  Homosexuals were created from the witchcraft process of stealing souls.  I would like to see a world where the pain of lost souls does not find its way to create homosexuals.  This means a world of fairness of opportunity.  A world of equality.  A world absent of nonlethal weapons and the undue influence the devil uses them to create.  Today the Devil uses nonlethal weapons to silence and kill those who know of his existence.
One look in the eyes of the minister told me that he believed that he could not help that he caused suffering in others, so he might as well try and do it anyway and even try and enjoy it.  Thanks, we really need people like this in our communities.  Men like this sought to be something else in life and now try and make less of those they envy.  They now indeed work for those who prevented their success in life.  They have made friends with those who have bullied and victimized them, and are now part of the similar effort against others of innocence.
The evil contradiction of hypocrisy of what I thought the Lutheran Religion to be as a child, a belief that I was bamboozled not to believe, is more true today.
I do not like writing this stuff and if you didn’t bother me when I was working on my writing that I consider more beautiful, I wouldn’t have to write this.  But I indeed know the devil like it when I write of his evil that is hidden to the rest of society.
These people shamelessly live of the souls of others.  Once another speaks against them they come out in droves and attack to drain that soul and life to zero.
And if you think that I am not being fair to religion, would you leave your boy for day care with a priest accused of molesting and abuse?  Do not leave your soul to the fate of the Lutheran religion either.  You will not be resurrected as a human being after you die, you will come back as they animal you always tried to be.  That is the poetic justice of God.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
The Lutheran and other Religious Leaders 08 31 2010

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