Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yowsabouts 10 29 2011

Yowsabouts 10 29 2011

It was always to make me forget who Yowsabouts was.  A distraction created her and there, by the same character troupes.  Each character troupe seemed to have their own distinct grouping of members.  Yowsabouts had to be either mentally deficient, a prisoner to reform or an evil gang member being indoctrinated.  I do not know who all the Yowsabouts are and I never will.

All this distraction is designed so that you will forget who Yowsabouts is when and after you see them.

Yowsabouts never looked in good shape, though. Other than that I can’t remember much about Yowsabouts because of the distraction.  Other than to say Yowsabouts looked kind of forlorned or washed out.

If I saw through the distraction and looked directly at a Yowsabouts, it would grit its teeth and hiss at me. 

It would seem like this is Yowsabouts Indian brave indoctrination into manhood, but not by spearing a bear, but to be shown to me and stand its ground.  It would also seem like Yowsabouts have been prepared for their viewing of me with a quiver full of insults and personal attacks that sometimes accompany Yowsabouts gritting teeth and hissing.

It is always like a dance of roller skating nuns when Yowsabouts briefly appears.  Yowsabouts will look at you from around a corner as you are doing something.   Sometimes Yowsabouts wear a hooded sweatshirt so you cannot look at for too long; they can turn and hide their face in the shadow of their hood.  As if it is done to see that I don’t remember what Yowsabouts looks like.  I was being shown to Yowsabouts in person, but with no formal introduction other than Yowsabouts gritting its teeth and hissing at me. Next time I see a Yowsabouts I will take their picture!  But when I think to take a picture of Yowsabouts the rooms clear and Yowsabouts is nowhere to be found.  It has been transported back to where it came from, by the character troupe.

I've got it! I will point at Yowsabouts when I first see a Yowsabouts and before Yowsabouts is able to disappear I will say, "Yowsabouts!"

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Obfuscated Cross

‘The Obfuscated Cross’

From my Original Painting on Canvas

‘The Obfuscated Cross’, it is a little known archetype of creation and can be thought of in many different ways.  The obfuscated cross looks like the pattern of a Tornado.  Tornadoes are often thought of as acts of God.  So in reality the obfuscated cross is indeed a supernatural symbol that is obfuscated; and obfuscated means somewhat hidden from view.  So the obfuscated cross has a depth of meaning in many ways.  It is a fun symbol to think about.  The man in your life will love this.

I created my obfuscated cross using oil color on canvas.  And the color pattern represents the lineage of creation.  On the bottom first I have black, and then the yellow symbolizes a sun, the orange is then the fiery volcanic formation of a planet. The bottom layers of brown represent the depth of earth and various layers of soil, the top layer being golden harvest.  Layers of green represent vibrant new growth and life.  The top layers of blue represent the water and sky of the earth.  And then it transitions to volcano, sunlight and darkness again.

The shape can also be viewed as the form of a man with a hat.  And of course the cross was what our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on.  And one cannot deny that god created the universe and everything. 

I like to think of my obfuscated cross as Gods love for the earth; the natural world that he gave us to live on.  And that is why my cross is made up of the elements of the earth and creation in one.  Or alternatively God’s presence on earth; were you might not expect it to be.  God where you might not expect to see him!  My ‘Obfuscated Cross’ also has elements of Native American culture in the imagery as well as flowery elements.  And there are many layers of meaning, interpretation and philosophy present in my “Obfuscated Cross.”

It is a stack of table plates, coins or barbell plates.  It is also the mark Satan gives to others.  It is a barcode that has been rendered by being cut away from.  It is graphical representation of density layers.  It is also the graphical representation of a sound wave.  It is the reflection of a tree on ripples of water.  It has greater relevance that the French Curve.  It is the apparition of the Holy Spirit.  It is the mark of the “blessed ones.”  It is the force of God!  It is percussive aftermath.  It is a striped sock. It is a multi-flavored hard candy.

It is a scale of light.  It represents a different dimension.  It is the painting of a seer.  It is my painting!

It is a temperature gradient.  It is a representation of the miserable ones who are still with us.  It is a staircase.  It is a ladder.  It is the evolution of time.  It is static, fleeting and ephemeral.  It is the measured force vector of a knock-out punch.  It is the spiking pain of childbirth.  It is a locomotive force.

It is a spring in motion.  It is the ripple of water and the reflection of that near it.  It is balance.  It is someone taking a stand.  It is a crossing guard motioning, “Do not cross!”  It is an offensive lineman in a football game doing the same.  It is a representation of both movement and inertia.  It is a form of measure.  It is uniform and yet represents change.

It is punctuated.  It is the formation of a name.  It is power in beauty.  It is beauty in power.  It is quickness.  It is a coded message.  Something came from nothing.  So there must be something in nothing!  But only if that nothing is something!  And that nothing could only be something if it brought nothing with it; so it brought nothing with it.  But not for its own sake, for the sake of the nothing that wasn’t.  And that is the nature of love.  It brought nothing with it so that nothing could see what it too could be; if it chose love.

So there you have my, ‘Obfuscated Cross.’

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Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jesus Christ and the AntiChrist 02 09 2011

Jesus Christ and the AntiChrist 02 09 2011

If Jesus Christ were alive today what would the Jews and Italians do to him? They would fragment his mind and then have all those who got a piece of it come back to use it against him in every way possible. That is how evil they are.

Who were the Antichrist? The ones who were against Jesus Christ. We already know who they are the ones who sold him and the ones who nailed him to a cross. And there are absolutely none of their descendants alive today, not a one. None of the current Catholic priests conform with behavior consistent with that of the antichrist either do they?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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