Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why I Still go to Church

Why I still go to Church

1. I like to hear women sing

2. I get a sense of community

3. I like to look at the women

4. I like the shaking of hands part

5. I like the sense of tradition

6. There might be someone I know to chat with on the way out

7. I like to see everyone listen quietly like good students should

8. I like to see the smiling faces

9. I like to hear the “Stories” of the bible and personal anecdotes of the priests and think about the stories.

10. I know for a fact of the existence of God and believe in him. And you should too and believe he means good for us.

I worked in Chicago for a year during the early 1990’s and a coworker told me that all priests were openly gay during private parties. I did not want to believe this but did not go for a period of about 25 years but started again as an adult.

I still go to churches knowing priests are likely to be gay because I like to hear what “Story” they will tell. I like to listen to stories being told in person. It would be good if we could widen this fading tradition via different venues in our country. Today there are “Stories” told at fishing clubs and nature based types of places.

I am hopeful that the Catholic Church will be what it is stated to be and should be.

The bible was not written by ulterior motivated writers, it was divinely inspiration speaking to the saints and apostles. One reason this has to be true because it is not sympathetic or biased to any one group.

Remember God’s final word on homosexuality was the complete and utter destruction of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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