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Abortion Stolen Souls Brazen Women The Catholic Church 09 12 2010

Abortion Stolen Souls Brazen Women The Catholic Church 09 12 2010

What does a Mongoloid look like to me?  An embryo exposed to bacteria.  Or alternatively someone who had a butt shit cock in their vagina around the time they were inseminated.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
The book of Revelations alludes to ever so subtly that Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was envied by another woman. 
When I went to Catholic School we never really head much about the childhood of Jesus Christ.  At that time in the teachings of Catholicism they told us that was a mystery that we did not know.
The book of Revelations reveals ever so subtly through imagery that this woman who was envious of Mary was able to possess her and feel the baby Jesus Christ in her own stomach as if it were hers.  She even had the delusion that she herself was pregnant.
When the book of Revelations speaks of the seven headed dragon these are the men that courted the woman envious of Mary and they are indeed the ones that came and stole her baby, Jesus Christ.
The bond between Mary and Jesus never faded as she must have prayed and worried for him daily.  Through time and space this bond grew and made him the beautiful person he became.  Mary’s prayers for her son kept him going.
For all I know when Jesus was a teenager he was the telepathic boyfriend against his will to many a brazen women.  It is indeed a fact that in Rome, the Romans castrated and made unics of men to be the companions of their wives.  So the evil that I speak of is not without great precedent.
For all I know the brazen woman who stole him died and he was freed some time later in life.
The brazen woman made infertile by filth is the likely reason the Catholic Church is pro life.  As the church then must cater to the needs of the same type of woman that would support men being castrated and made into unics to be their servants. 
Little does it matter to the Catholic church that many of the babies put up for adoption suffer the horrors of foster homes that demonize, molest and torture them in a similar manner to the way catholic priests have been accused and found guilty.  This is not first on the issue of their hierarchy as it should be.  First on their issue of hierarchy is catering to the reformed heart of a once brazen woman that cannot have children and not is older and seeks meaning in her life.  A woman that most likely became infertile by having sex with filthy a numerous partners.
What the Catholic Church does indeed is facilitate the stealing of Jesus Christ from his mother Mary, or a son or daughter from a natural mother that cannot support her.  Again the Catholic Church does not have its priorities in order, should not the Catholic Church first find a means whereby the natural mother can support her child rather than having the baby be put on the conveyor belt into a family or world of question.  If the Catholic Church were righteous it would take these women with children in and offer them food, shelter and money for work at a church place.  This is what they do for nuns but they are not with children.
Why should the natural mother of the child suffer when the brazen woman triumphs for her sin?  This policy that is wrong in its hierarchical order does indeed condone sin.
Why does the Church cater so easily to the wills of the brazen woman?  Because these brazen woman can demonically possess a priest in a matter of second by pulling on his heart strings. Because often priests are victims of abuse themselves, sensitive and subject to influence.  Those of us with heart are often more easily subject to the demonic possessions of evil.  We are duped easily because we have heart.  Are Catholic priests today indeed the castrated and unic servants of Roman woman and that is why they are subject to influence and possession?
Is the pattern of events that often transpires as I have stated the will of God?  No this is the will of the Coliseum.
To digress a little bit, those who have had their soul stolen probably did the homework for everyone in their class at school, only the others was better because they knew when the soulless was about to screw up.
The female of the species is more deadly than the male.
One thing they did get right was circumcision.  That extra layer of skin is a breeding ground for germs and you cannot tell me that those germs do not persist in the vagina.  And you cannot not tell me that germs present in the vagina influence the development to the fetus negatively.   Do not feel that because you are circumcised that you should not seek to be clean, lest your woman bear a souless child.
Who uses nonlethal weapons on United States Citizens today to steal their souls?  Satan and the brazen filthy vagina women from the time of Rome.  What would create a soulless person like Satan more readily than the filthy vagina of a Shitzga woman?
In a future article I will speak of the tactics of the brazen women, her sexual rituals and how she steals men’s souls through such rituals.
This country was not founded by these people or their ideals but they now control it.  And they have influenced us to noncompetition and ruin since the time they assassinated President Kennedy.

God Bless Those Who Would Like To Restore Our Country

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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