Friday, November 5, 2010

Oprah’s Show on Catholic Priests 11 05 2010

Oprah’s Show on Catholic Priests 11 05 2010

On Oprah today two hundred men told their stories of how they were horrifically molested and abused by priests.

Why the priests do it? Because they are evil and live off the soul energy of others.

The man said that the priest performed oral sex on him. Why would a priest do this?

It is in the Bible, “Thou shall not eat flesh with the life blood still in it.”

Put two and two together here,

When I was a teenager we used to go smelt fishing. It was said to be good luck to bite the head of a smelt fish off. Finally after a few beers and yielding to peer pressure I bit the head of the fish off. You don’t really bite the head off; you bite down on it and twist it off. Because if you try and bite it off it takes too long and you get all the blood and guts in your mouth.

I got pretty sick from this, the feeling I got was a headache and it seemed as if the iron in my brain were oxidizing and rusting. The point of the Bible is that you become lessor when you eat the blood of an animal with the lifeblood still in it.

The point I am also making here is that if you are becoming lessor when this happens something must be getting more. This is proof positive of why priests steal souls. They absorb that soul energy and indeed steal that soul.

This is how and why priests steal souls. These priests are not of our Bible and those who protect them are not of our Bible either, they are Satan. And Satan is all around us.

Because of the example of the Catholic Church all religions should lose their tax exempt status in this country.

What Oprah does not know is that there is a whole population of people in this country who were raised listening to the thougths of those who were molested.  And it goes much further than that and is iindeed much more evil than that.

God Help and Bless Those Who Are Victims of Satan

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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