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Revelation: You are True Shepherds and Don’t Know It 10 24 2010

Revelation: You are True Shepherds and Don’t Know It 10 24 2010

Can what you would do onto others eventually in life transcend time backwards and fate your whole life to a miserable existence, as something to be inherently lesser, fated to be lesser?

If you were to bother someone whose mind transcends time and were to commit evil acts against them, could this be the judgment that God has placed upon you? There would be no better way for God to judge you, than to see through the eyes of your victims in this manner.

Is this indeed God’s blessing to those he fated to suffering from others in life, to be the instrument of judgment against them, without those he sees through even knowing they are?

From what I have seen in life this appears to be how God works. In other words if someday in your life God knows that you are going to commit horrific acts against people, might he then put you to the test in life by giving you limited intelligence that is less capable of learning, so that indeed you are made to be a follower or sheep to a good shepherd. A shepherd who might not even know he/she is one.

If God could see that someday you were to be the one to horrifically torture a good shepherd, would he not fate you to a lesser intelligence so that you will always be bound to a shepherd?

If a true shepherds mind transformed time and God saw your future actions through the eyes of a shepherd today you would be fated to, no matter what you did, you would be fated to being the equivalent of sheep who are the responsibility of a shepherd (digression note: this reads like the Lutheran philosophy where Lutherans are fated to irresponsibility as it does not matter what they do, read part II and III for reconciliation).

Revelation: you are shepherds and don’t know it.

As a sheep your soul then would suffer as it was fated to always being subordinated to that of a shepherd, in effect because God already saw that you were to commit heinous crimes against humanity, as does Satan.

God Has Blessed the Shepherds

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Part II

In other words if God knew that you would try to destroy the shepherds of his people, no matter what you did he would fate you to never be happy.

Some of those who are ill fated in this manner might try and be shepherds also, to wield the true power that they see a shepherd has. They would also be fated to be something less and unhappy (read Pharisees here).

And the true shepherds could again, indeed see them as nothing more than the black sheep of shepherds or alternatively, wolves in sheep’s clothing. As black sheep of shepherds they would subjectively and wrongly judge others, as they “Feel” in their reactionary thinking that true shepherds do.

Those judged and harmed by the subjective black sheep shepherds would also be blessed, as they were indeed harmed in the same way the true shepherds are by the black sheep shepherds. To avoid confusion we will call black sheep shepherds just plainly “evil shepherds”.

Evil shepherds, like others judged bad by God, bear his true curse. And good shepherds are eternally blessed.

What happens when a good shepherd realizes what he/she is? He/she ends up getting very busy, as he/she takes on multiple attackers who are in the form of evil shepherds and those judged bad by God from their evil actions he already knows they are going to do.

What is the one thing the true shepherds have going for them that opponents do not? Whether the true Shepherd knows it or not, he has the true God, the spirit of creation God, the good spirit of God on his side throughout eternity.


We Are All Servants

A man carving a giant pumpkin into a Jackal Lantern told me yesterday as part of our longer conversation, “We are all servants”

Those fated to be the equivalent of sheep and evil then are fated to be the servants of the shepherd. Evil shepherds are also fated to be servants of the good shepherd. No matter how hard they try to be something different and better than a shepherd, they are always fated to be less.

And what is the curse the good shepherds of all walks of life have? It is the highest calling whether they know it or not as they are the true servants of God.

Be honest and objective in terms of which one of these you are. If you are guilty of something and that is why you are judged, seek to truly help those like whom you victimized. See to work harder than you see a true shepherd work and one day you may indeed find salvation.

But the law of God states that for those judged badly to attain salvation they must truly suffer as servants of only good for the rest of their lives. In effect the minds of their souls must be cleansed from even the slightest capacity for doing evil and must have instead established the propensity to do good (this is where the Pharisees subjectively served themselves with false beliefs and were therefore ill fated themselves).

I see no ifs ands or buts about it; to them this means they may no longer be duplicitously bad in order to effect change. To be truly good is to suffer as you see and feel the suffering of those who you can see that suffer, and it does take a lot out a person, but it gets better and leads to objectivity.

Are evil shepherds dumb enough to fool you by stealing souls? Do evil shepherds indeed seek to steal the souls of the Good Shepherds? Yes indeed they do. Do evil shepherds seek to destroy the creations of the true God? Yes they do. Do evil and evil shepherds have no other fate?

Can the true creations of the Good Lord ever really be destroyed?

Are evil and evil shepherds the ones who truly suffer, who truly suffer in ignorance? Is their ignorance their only “blessing” they will ever have? What happens when their ignorance is taken away from them? What happens when they are disillusioned? Is the suffering that results from their true disillusionment a true blessing from God? Only when they truly repent throughout eternity as seen by the eyes of the God that transcends time. Remember, they have already been judged. It could only then be through true suffering throughout eternity that their souls would learn change that would enlighten them on the path of good today.

Those Who Suffer are Truly Blessed


Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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