Friday, April 30, 2010

On Haitian Voodoo 04 30 2010

On Haitian Voodoo 04 30 2010

The Haitians have the religion of Sangria or Voodoo. Which practices Zombification of people via a toxin from the Puffer fish. They are poisoned, once unconscious they are buried for dead. They are then dug up and walk about the place as Zombified idiots.

It is very similar to our modern day psychiatry, in fact so similar that I wonder psychiatry drew some influence from it when it was formed. Its origin just seems to slip my mind at the moment?

I can truthfully say with every fiber of my being that it was an act of god, and that is how hurricane damage is written on insurance contracts, that many evil Voodoo practitioners were destroyed in the recent hurricane there.

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