Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Catholic Church 10 20 2010

The Catholic Church 10 20 2010

The Catholic Church rules its patrons, some of whom are the metaphorical equivalent of the “Out of Towner’s” by falsely inducing guilt in them. In Catholic School children are taught not to question authority.

Why? So those families and businesses in league in every way with Satan can get away with soul stealing and even murder.

If they have everyone else feeling guilty, in effect everyone else it looking the other way.

Everyone is looking the other way while people are made mentally ill and their souls are stolen by their lizard headed freak women and savagely soulless minded Catholic Priests. Together with other groups and criminals they form a community or network of evil that has led to the great detriment of our Country and the world. They make a great deal of money by stealing the souls of others and today they use nonlethal weapons to help them. Weapons that can turn the most intelligent people in the world to into a pale and stickily looking person who is indeed a victim of a mass holocaust on humanity.

Blessed be God

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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