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The Jews Drove Moses Crazy 10 02 2010

The Jews Drove Moses Crazy 10 02 2010

If you ever feel that you are suffering at the hand of the Jews remember this. Moses was their leader for some time.

Moses became so mad at them that one day he went up the side of a mountain and found two tombstones one for himself and one for his wife. He then carved the Ten Commandments on those two tombstones.

Moses knew that they could only understand a message if it had a duplicitous meaning as it gave them something to think about. Two tombstones with the Ten Commandments written on them.

If you ever feel that you are suffering at the hands of the Jews remember this, Moses was their leader and they made him so mad that he went and carved these commandments by hand on two tombstones, one for himself and one for his wife.

To be clear and reiterate a point I have made before, if the bible states that Adam and Eve were the first humans and they were Jews, that means that all human are indeed Jews, as they would have to be descendents of the first two who were indeed Jews.

He knew that they only learned from the pain of others. He knew that they would get the meaning of this duplicitous message, “Who will lead you if my wife and I are under these two tombstones.”

One has to ask themselves why someone would have to go to all the trouble to carve laws into stone, the answer is very easy. They were irresponsible, reckless and above all dangerous.

What could sober them up more than having to carry around the two tombstones of their leader? They knew that if they did not obey them, he would rest underneath them, and there would be no one to take care of them. The Jews had it easy with Moses taking care of them and they took it for granted. If you do not believe that he took care of them you do not know that he parted the Red Sea for them. His message was also, if I am to take care of you, you must be respectful to these laws.

The corollary to this is if you are being driven crazy by the Jews you are probably their leader or they have it good under your realm of being.

Do not take it for granted when you have it good and show respect and admiration to the ones you know are responsible for it.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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