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The true meaning of the passage from the bible where  some men come to the house of God and his door is closed and he say’s to them “You that have done all these things in my name, I never knew you.”
Is; adults that act like children and try to deny responsibility for their actions.
They claim to do things in the name of God when they really do not.  In the time the bible was written when they did “good” things they were usually against the establishment and the status quo.  What was Gods response to them in effect he said from behind the closed door “I did not ask you to do these things!  Even if they were right, I did not ask you to do these things. So why did you do them?”
What is this really, God telling them what they do is in their own name, and “They are responsible for their actions.”  To act and think about what they do and not act blindly or assume righteous guidance.
“These good things you say you have done in my name, I never knew you.”
God is also giving a message to mankind.  “I never knew you and you acted in my name?”  The message is, “How did you act in my name?  What makes you think I would be proud of you?”
In this passage from the bible God has taken human form and lives in a house.  He has the door closed and does not acknowledge who is knocking.  As far as I know from my Catholic teachings, God only took human form on earth once, in Jesus Christ.  There may have been times behind the burning bush and maybe in a tent also that I remember.  But we were taught in Catholic School that the face of God is unknown.   In contradiction to that in the Bible I read later on, “No one can see the face of God and live.”
I was in church and the priest asked, “How many of you hear the voice of God?”  Maybe three quarters of a dozen people in the small chapel raised their hands.
The point of this passage in the Bible, from God is, “Do not assume it is my voice you hear when you do these actions.”  God, said to them from behind the door. “I never knew you.”
What else did God mean, “You were not my friend?  I don’t know you.”  You are not my son or of my blood and I am not your father.  And when he finished by not letting them in the door he meant, “You were the exact opposite of a friend to me.”
“How many of you hear the voice of God?” The modern day priest asked.  In this passage of the bible God was on earth sitting behind a door.  The Bible is telling us that God lives the life of an ordinary man.
By deduction the Bible is repeating the meaning of what Jesus said, “Know yeah not that yeah are Gods?”
God is saying as an ordinary human being, he did not need the intrusion into his thoughts and mind of those that then came knocking on his door.  In no way, shape or form were you allowed to intrude upon the thoughts of God.  In no way were you in effect to steal them and act upon them as if they were your own voice or thoughts.
Here God is rather gruff in dismissing them.  Why?  Because in effect they had fragmented his mind in able to be able to hear his voice.
When they fragment a mind they create much suffering in those they fragment.  I say fragment but I really mean make mentally ill and all the terms of stigmatism that are related to it.  The scene in this passage of the Bible bears all the imagery of God as being someone who has had his soul stolen.
It is as if God behind the closed door is suffering from a stolen soul and that is why he is gruff.  Being gruff or ornery is indeed a symptom of a stolen soul.
Are those who have had their souls stolen indeed Gods?  The Bible alludes to this, in language those who suffer from a stolen soul understand very clearly.
Today in the United States those with stolen souls are labeled mentally ill and they suffer, as all around them they see those Jesus described by the term, “Yeah shall know them by their fruits.”  The Bible seems to allude to people that hear the voice of God in their heads and act on it irresponsibly.  Are the thoughts of some people that hear voices in their heads, heard by others?  I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is true.  Were those whose thoughts are heard made to suffer greatly in order to be heard?  I know for a fact that this is also true.  What I am saying parallels this Bible passage, “What we have today are people and children that were and are raised on the tormented souls of others.  People are tortured in the United States of America so that those whose children are raised do not have to raise them themselves.  They have the hand of someone they chose and tormented to do this for them, while they continue with their adult lives of sin. “  This is a sickness of irresponsibility in this country and it must end.
If you want to know the reason why people go postal this is it.  If you want to know the reason the Arab world hates us, this is it.
“How can you say that you are good when to me your nature is very evil?”, is a sentence that would have equally fit in the same passage of the Bible that reads, “I never knew you!”
Moses parted the Red Sea, is that not the power of a God also?
Why not teach the real meaning of these events?  Probably too much for young minds to handle, but some indeed know it already and use it to their advantage.
I talked to a young man who was a Catholic turned Protestant the other day and he said to me regarding Catholicism, “I have had a lot of trouble with what a person has to do to get to heaven.”
I cut him off and said, “The question is more easily answered by, “How does a person not get to heaven?””

I Never Knew You
Thomas Paul Murphy
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